Jeff Bezos supported America's food banks

The Amazon founder donated $100 million to American food banks to help them feed the growing number of unemployed Americans who are losing jobs during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Amazon CEO has donated to Feeding America, a Chicago-based non-profit organization with more than 200 food banks in the United States.
Bezos noted on his Instagram account that even in normal times food insecurity is an important issue for many American families, and, unfortunately, Covid-19 reinforces the severity of this problem. Many churches that usually provide free meals are closed due to the need for social distance.
“This largest donation in our history will enable us to provide more food to the millions of our neighbors who are experiencing difficulties during this crisis,” said Claire Babino-Fonteno, CEO of Feeding America.
This is not the first time that Bezos donated funds to fight against coronavirus. On March 23, he was one of dozens of donors who contributed to the All in Seattle charity.

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