The director of the “Rus” Food Bank turned to Putin with a proposal to help the development of foodsharing

The head of the Rus Food Bank, Julia Nazarova, appealed to the President of the Russian Federation with a request to solve the taxation problem of foodsharing during the meeting of the President with representatives of the business community.

About 17 million tons of food are disposed of annually in Russia, while 1.2 million tons a year would be enough to provide food for all the 20 million people in need. Today, the disposal of even good foods, suitable for consumption, is 30-40% more profitable than their transfer to charity. This is due to the presence of certain barriers in the form of the corporate tax and VAT, applicable to the value of donated food.

In this regard, Julia Nazarova proposed a number of measures aimed at supporting the work of non-profit organizations working in the social sphere. In particular, it was proposed to impose a moratorium on VAT and income tax on food donations, possibly with the further inclusion of such measures in the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
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