Panic shopping can increase food waste

In the wake of the fight against the coronavirus infection, a consumer boom has occurred in Russia. Despite the threat of the disease, huge numbers of people went to the stores for lockdown supplies. At the end of March, stockpiles of foods for 21 days were purchased in just three days across chain stores.

Against the background of the first reports of an increase in the number of patients with coronavirus and rumors being discussed in the media about the possibility of quarantining Moscow, the flow of people in stores increased sharply. As the media wrote, consumers are trying to stock up on various products, buying up goods in huge volumes. According to Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, in three days the volume of products reserved by the chains for 21 days was sold out. In some stores, empty shelves were observed. Almost all product categories were sold out, including perishable goods.

According to Minister Manturov, as of March 22, 2020, grocery sales grew by 40-60%. According to information from the Auchan retailer, quoted by Izvestia, in the chain’s stores, sales of canned meat and buckwheat doubled, sugar and canned fish sales grew by 50%. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade made recommendations to retail chains to increase product inventories for a period of up to 60 days. The wave of consumer panic became so serious that the President of Russia commented on it, advising the Russians not to buy food for the future so that they would not have to be thrown away.

These bulk purchases for the future will inevitably lead to an increase in the volume of food waste and packaging waste. A significant part of the foodstuffs purchased in the wake of the consumer panic will be sent to the trash can due to the expiration date. If you have formed surpluses of food and you understand that you cannot handle them yourself, look at our portal to whom you could pass them. 1 MILLION TONS has collected on the leading food-sharing services operating in Russia for you information. Click "Give food" and choose the most convenient option for you.