Coca-Cola begins cooperation with food bank "Rus"

Coca-Cola’s juices, water, milk and carbonated drinks will be distributed before the expiration date, thanks to the food bank. The Rus Foundation cooperates with some charitable NGOs, church parishes and works directly with those in need.

In addition, in the future it is planned to expand the geography of the fund throughout Russia using the Coca-Cola distribution system.
Unfortunately, in Russia at the moment there is no legislative base that regulate food sharing (like the regulations of the EU states), and there is a tax barrier of 30-40%, which prevents the free transfer of products.

However, at the beginning of 2020, the State Duma had already prepared a bill to facilitate foodsharing. At the moment, it is awaiting the approval of the Government of the Russian Federation. If approved, the cooperation of large companies with charitable foundations will reach a new level.
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