Dixie and Rus food bank to help families in need

The food bank “Rus” distributes products to socially vulnerable people free of charge and is the oldest food bank in the country advocating food sharing – free distribution of food.
In Dixie stores, you can transfer any food items to large and low-income families. In addition to buyers, Dixy employees also participate in the charity project.

The action covers chain stores in Moscow, the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Kaluga and Tula. It has been held for 5 years, in past years more than 200 families have become recipients of assistance. In 2017, about 22 tons were collected and transferred to those in need; in 2018 – about 50 tons; in 2019 – about 40 tons of food was handed over. Also, Dixy and Rus have collected more than 40 tons of food to help pensioners during the campaign “Foodstuffs to the backwater”.
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