The All-Russian Mutual Assistance Campaign “We are Together 2020” joined by Food Bank Rus and other volunteer organizations

The campaign “We are Together 2020” is conducted in all regions of Russia and is aimed at helping pensioners, people with limited mobility and health workers during the epidemic. More than 80,000 volunteers deliver food and medicine to those in need. They have registered more than 160,000 requests, and more than 120,000 people have been assisted already. More than 1 billion rubles have been collected, which will be spent on grocery sets, masks and other essentials.

Since the end of March, the Rus Food Bank, the largest food bank in Russia, has joined the campaign, among others. Thanks to the active work of the fund and growing donations, in March 2020 it was possible to receive and distribute more than 385 tons of donations, compared with 232 tons in January. The Rus Foundation cooperates with the All-Russian People’s Front, the Association of Volunteers of Russia and other non-profit organizations. To help socially vulnerable segments of the population in the regions, the food bank has launched four new branches and plans to expand the geography of work further.

In addition, private companies took an active part in the action. X5 Retail Group directs food sets to those in need. KIA Motors Russia & CIS, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Hyundai offered cars for free to the volunteers of the We are Together campaign in different regions of Russia so that they can quickly and safely provide assistance. Alfa Group and Tinkoff Bank, as well as many other companies supported the action with monetary donations.
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